CORE Financial Advisors, Inc., is an independent fee-based registered investment adviser. As a fiduciary we are responsible to you, the client, and as such we pledge to place your needs first in all that we do. The services we offer are open, objective, unbiased and we only answer to you. To execute that commitment we partner with Best-in-Class professionals and service vendors in a collaborative effort to deliver excellence.

Learn more about our unique planning process by downloading CORE’s Foundation System brochure.

  • Comprehensive Wealth Planning – Assist clients in developing a comprehensive wealth plan covering the following areas:
    • Goals Based and Cash Flow Based Financial Planning – Your goals and cash flow are measured against your resources to truly understand where you are in relation to your goals and dreams.  Easy to understand reporting is used.
    • Wealth Management – Assist in creating diversified and active investment portfolios for clients who seek preservation of capital, specific income or growth accumulation needs.  Concentration is directed to help clients understand, quantify and manage market and emotional risk.
    • Asset Risk Management – Risk management is the foundation of any personal wealth plan.  We implement appropriate risk avoidance techniques and risk reduction planning involving death, disability, long term care, business, and estate planning risks that individuals and families face.
    • Tax Planning – We incorporate Subject Matter Experts in our planning to assess how to effectively plan together to minimize your tax costs.
    • Retirement Planning – How much is enough?  Will we run out of money?  How do we take distributions from our IRA?  These questions and more will be addressed and planned for through our services and offerings.
  • Sponsored Retirement Plans – We create a winning retirement plan for your business and your employees. It’s a comprehensive, evolutionary six-step process that’s built around three principles — simplicity, focus, and balance.  You will receive Best-in-Class independent qualified plan partners in technology, administration, education and investments who together offer the ultimate retirement solution. Plans are transparent and customizable to the needs of the sponsor and employees.
  • Business Owner Exit Planning Services – Complete sell-side merger and acquisition services to exit your business for maximum value.


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